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F4R Outdoors recognizes that nearly 18 million young Americans need or want mentoring, but only three million are in formal, high-quality mentoring relationships.

Reel-Men Reel-Mentors focuses on engaging youth in at-risk situations in alternatives to the risky behaviors that oftentimes result in poor academic performance, incarceration and substance abuse. Our focus is to increase the capacity of our participants to become healthy well adjusted adults with promising futures.


Reel-Men Reel-Mentors engages youth in life skills based activities that support healthy development, improved decision making and access to viable resources to assist them in becoming productive well adjusted students, community leaders, youth advocates, future professionals and informed citizens.


Reel-Men Reel-Mentors uses mentoring and fishing as a holistic approach to addressing the needs of at risk youth and to increase their capacity to become productive & healthy well adjusted adults.