We, the members of the F4R OUTDOORS, adopt and abide by these bylaws effective JUNE, 05, 2010. These by laws work to provide the essential structure and consistency required to foster equality, camaraderie, sportsmanship, integrity, conservation, and development of the skills and knowledge needed to be successful anglers, including adherence to the academic standards of excellence set forth by F4ROUTDOORS YOUTH OUTREACH. As an organization F4R will consist of general members, tournament memmbers, and youth members and such can only be represented in formal literature through the display of its official logo.

The Organization shall officially be known as the FISHING4REEL OUTDOORS and or F4R Outdoors and will hereby be referred to as the Organization in this document. The F4R OUTDOORS YOUTH OUTREACH will be referred to as the same..

F4R’s purpose shall be to encourage camaraderie, sportsmanship, integrity, and conservation among all members, sponsors and other collaborators within it’s network in addition F4R strives to build capacity in organizations and help indiduals develop the skills and knowledge needed to be successful tournament anglers on a local regional and national basis.

Membership is open to any full-time student or adult who agrees with the purpose of the Organization,Students must be:
• In good academic and disciplinary standing,
• Under a IEP contract with F4R
• Currently enrolled in a recognized educational institute.
• Adults are all members 18 or over and must meet the association and or tournament membership rules as defined in the membership section below.


To become a organization member a person shall:

A: Voluntarily express a genuine interest in membership.
B: Can join as a organization member and have a valid e-mail address.
C: The F4R Outdoors 50 Boaters are the exclusive team. 51- 100 will be members who qualify through their local bass club and are members of F4R Outdoors.
D: Members of F4R Outdoors may be boaters or non-boaters, That have not directed the course of control for pay or as a professional.
F: In the event of a prospective member not being known to any active organization member, the board of advisers may choose to hold an interview with that person.
G: Have a valid fishing license for all states in which the organization will be holding tournaments in which said new member plans to fish.
H. Be a current member of F4ROUTDOORS


The amount of the annual dues for membership, shall be determined by the organizations officers.
A: $39 initiation fee to join the organization. ($39 total first year then $39 each year after) to help pay for organization costs (trophies, banquet, youth outreach, etc.). Youth Membership $19 per year under 18
B: Dues which are not received by the DECEMBER meeting, or the first tournament of the year, whichever is first, shall be considered delinquent and that member will be notified that he or she may be removed from the ORGANIZATION. JANUARY WILL BE THE RENEWAL MONTH.

The Governing Board shall select and have as a voting member an Adviser who is a member of F4R OUTDOORS, faculty or administration knowledgeable in athletic administration, fishing and conservation. The Advisers shall (a) provide direction to the organization as needed and (b) serve as an organization advocates. The Advisers shall serve an unspecified at-will term and may be replaced by a majority vote of the Governing Board.

The Organization shall hold quarterly scheduled meetings to discuss activities, recruitment, retention and administrative matters. Meeting times and locations shall be set by a majority vote of organization members. Meeting attendance shall not be mandatory. The quorum for the conduct of all business at all meetings shall be those present and voting, with the exceptions being the election of officers and adoption, repeal or amendment of bylaws, in which case at least 60 percent of members must be present for an official vote. The Governing Board, by a majority vote, may elect to submit items to the membership by mail or e-mail for a vote in lieu of a regular meeting, in which case members shall be given at least 10 days to respond. Official results of such a vote will be communicated back to the membership in a professional and timely manner.

Funds for Organization operating expenses shall be obtained primarily through tournament entries, fundraisers, sponsor assistance and donations. The Organization may institute annual dues in a reasonable amount as determined by a majority vote of the membership.

Bylaws as written here are to serve as guidelines for normal operation of the Organization and shall be enforced by the Governing Board. The Bylaws shall be approved, repealed or amended by a two-thirds vote at the beginning of each fall semester. At least 60 percent of advisors must be present for an official vote.

All Organization members are to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy and conservation and to conduct themselves in a manner that will be a credit to themselves, the Organization, the sport of fishing and the F4R Youth Outreach. Any member found to be in violation of the Code of Conduct shall be subject to review by the Governing Board, which may impose a penalty deemed proportional to the severity of the infraction and consistent with other penalties imposed for similar infractions. Such penalties may include, but are not limited to, disqualification from participation in Organization activities, including tournaments, for a specified period of time, a monetary fine and dismissal from the Organization Penalties must be approved by a majority vote of the Governing Board.




• All persons expressing interest in F4R are eligible through it’s associations general membership. Parties that are interested in membership can qualify through two ways.
First, as individuals you can meet the annual membership requirements (financial and other) through the association’s general membership inaddition to meeting all requirements of a team angler on one of the F4R Regional Trails. These anglers are based on their standing in a regional trail can qualify for sectional and subsequently annual national events.

• Tournament anglers in good standing with a club or organization with valid membership may qualify to fish the F4R CLASSIC by finishing in first place within that club or organization. Clubs that hold a berth spot in the NETWORK with a completed agreement along with a $500 berth fee per year due the first friday in Sept every year.