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Fishing4Reel (F4R) Outdoors

Fishing4Reel (F4R) Outdoors is a for-profit organization developed in 2007 to offset the current power dynamic in the fishing industry that has created a top-down effect that fails to recognize a significant portion of anglers as viable consumers. As a bass tournament trail and association, we provide opportunities for individuals and local fishing associations to become a member of a larger national organization. These individuals and fishing associations will be able to maintain their autonomy while enjoying the benefits afforded to members of the national association. Fishing4Reel is a non-religious, non-sectarian, non-partisan, and non-racial organization. However, F4R is family focused and will concentrate on creating opportunities for the weekend angler and other anglers who represent $1.5 billion of the revenue generated in the fishing industry.

Our Mission

Our Mission

F4R Outdoors
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